The Science of Aerodynamics

Almost half the energy required to move a truck at legal speeds is used overcoming wind resistance. As its speed increases so does its power requirements.

Reduced Wind Resistance = Reduced Power Requirements = Reduced Fuel Consumption

This can be achieved using streamlining features such as Air Dams and Spoilers. After extensive wind tunnel and practical testing, the British Department of Energy has shown that a roof mounted Spoiler and Air Dam combination reduces drag by up to 23% ( Truck Magazine, March 2006 )

Our Product Range:

  • Roof mounted Aerokits for all truck makes and models
  • Side skirt kits - for added fuel savings
  • Windscreen protectors
  • Headlight protectors
  • Bull bars
  • Sleeper cabs

Advantages of fitting Aerodynamics include:

  • Reduced fuel consumption - average 8-10%
  • Increased vehicle stability at speed and in cross winds
  • Reduced wear and tear on engine
  • Reduced driver fatigue
  • Enhanced fleet image