Aero Truck was founded by Cameron Dudley-Owen in 1986. Over the past twenty five years under his leadership the company has pioneered and led the development and use of aerodynamics across the South African trucking industry.

Their wind management systems, consisting of an integral wind deflector unit, sides and skirts have been designed and manufactured by Aero Truck. These are the result of many years experience with the unique needs of the South African market, where height and width regulations differ considerably from those overseas. Aero Truck's development team works in close contact with major players in the industry to ensure that all products meet individual manufacturer's requirements. Because of this their products are both effective and aesthetically pleasing. Attendance at local and international Transport Exhibitions is mandatory for senior members of the design team in order that they maintain awareness of the latest trends in the industry.

Whilst they do make a vehicle look pleasing there is no doubt that the main reason hauliers fit aerodynamics is for the fuel savings. A well designed wind deflector unit can result in savings of anything from 8 - 12% on a long distance vehicle's fuel usage. With today's prices this is a major consideration for any transport operator.

Aero Truck supplies and fits aerodynamics to truck plants, truck dealerships, transporters and logistics companies countrywide. As a result of their nation-wide awareness campaign, which reinforces the benefits of aerodynamics, most hauliers are now aware of the importance of fitting wind management systems to their high cube vehicles.

Proof of the company's confidence in the robustness of their product is demonstrated by the fact that all units carry a two year warranty against manufacturing defects. As a company Aero Truck is very aware of the importance of providing excellent customer service levels both before and after fitment.

Aero Truck products are all locally designed and manufactured and offer a high quality, strong, cost effective and durable import substitute.

In terms of new development work much of this has recently centred around the concept of reducing the industry's carbon footprint. Innovations include the Barloworld Green Truck initiative, MAN's Efficient Line project as well as Bakers Transport's Advanced Aerodynamics venture.

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